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MACBETH GOES SOCIAL: a project funded by The Dudley Dougherty Foundation in Texas.

Some of the BIG FUN actors.

Brad Drazen from NBC with Annabelle.

Chefs in Trinidad and England, together with a Yale School of Drama dramaturg, led students in a historical cooking class.

Brad Drazen plays DanDan the Weatherman in “Who Has Seen the Wind?”

A NYC comedian coached a 12th grader to make the delivery of a speech funnier in a Google Plus Hangout on Air. The student, from South Carolina, did the Porter’s speech from Macbeth in the persona of George W. Bush.

These Italian students filmed scenes from our adaptation of Macbeth as a culminating project.

THE MACBETH FEAST In this Hangout, children in 3 countries made food that might have been served at the play’s feast.

A dramaturg at the Yale School of Drama discussed this painting to give context to our cooking Hangout  about Macbeth.

Kevin read stage directions in our Common Core PLAY, Macbeth.

Ann Nyberg, a news anchor for ABC in Connecticut, donated her time to read the role of Newsy Suzy in “Who Has Seen the Wind?” a Common Core PLAY for grades 2-3.

The Dewing Foundation in Massachussetts gave BIG FUN a grant to take our Common Core PLAY, Life Is A Dream, into an elementary school to make sure it worked well with teachers who had no drama training. Back row: Annabelle, Kim (technologist), Elsa (principal). Front row: Amazing 3rd, 4th, 5th grade teachers.


Thanks to the Dewing Foundation in MA, these bilingual students are now thoroughly familiar with a classic Spanish play called Life Is A Dream. The entire 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade collaborated on this Common Core PLAY project.

Chris Bannow, a Yale School of Drama graduate, soon to be seen on Broadway with Bradley Cooper, plays Hamlet in our Common Core PLAY and also led theater games in a Google Hangout On Air for MACBETH GOES SOCIAL.


Students use our Google Plus Community to connect with a class that lives where a play is set. In this way, the setting of the play becomes more real and memorable.

This 10-year-old, who lives in Spain, read the role of Lady Macbeth in Chinese. Our Common Core PLAY, Macbeth, has been translated into Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic.